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Most of my customers are word of mouth from my great clients! In light of that, I decided to do a special offer to those who refer me to a friend or neighbour, or friend's friends, etc. I will give you one free 30 minute walk or one free overnight sitting care upon their hire! Do you use Nextdoor? Post a recommendation for me on it to your area! Let me know if you need any business cards or flyers, I will be happy to bring you some. Do not forget to tell your friends or neighbours to let me know who referred them, just so I know who will be getting one free service.


Of course your reviews are welcome, please write about your experience with me on one of these websites (or all, if you got an extra minute, it is very helpful to DennySitting.



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I normally arrange for payment by Check or Cash to save on fees, if we have agreed to other payments here are my links:


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